My Band and the NJ Transportation Limo

11 Jul

My Band and the NJ Transportation Limo

Being a musician, I travel to a number of different towns all across the United States on a regular basis.  This is one of the best parts of the job, as I get to see the sights of great cities all around the country.  Of course, whenever I am in a city I do not know much about, transportation is typically an issue.  Dealing with traffic is bad enough when you know where you are going, but if you are in territory that is not familiar to you, traffic is something that you definitely do not want to have to deal with.  This is the reason why I recently hired a NJ Transportation Limo the last time I visited New Jersey.  The cool thing about the limo was that it was actually a party bus, and so we were able to fit the entire band and the roadies on the party bus along with our equipment.  It was something that made the entire experience in New Jersey a whole lot easier for all of us to handle.

    Of course, you are going to need to be able to afford such a mode of transportation if you want to be able to take advantage of it.  There are other, less expensive ways to get around town, but if you have a large group of people and all of them can chip in to cover the price, then it is usually a good idea to go with a limo or a party bus.  Especially if you are also trying to haul different equipment around town, it can be difficult to do that in a taxi.  Of course, a party bus or a limo will generally cost less than it would for five or six people to take their own separate taxi cabs, which is why this can be a good economic decision if the circumstances are right.

    Ever since that night in New Jersey when we got a party bus to drive us around, I have made it clear to my fellow band mates and everyone else involved in the group that chipping in so that we can get a party bus is probably the best thing for us to do.  Not only is it economically more efficient than having a bunch of different people paying for their own cabs, but it is also a whole lot easier to get around this way, and it is something that adds a little bit of luxury to your overall experience.

NJ Transportation Limo

    We actually could go around town in a party bus and go bar hopping, or we could just hang out in the bus after the show and do all of our partying there.  It really does give us a whole lot more options when it comes to what we want to do after the show is over.  This is the reason why we now always get a party bus when we are in a city that is not our home town.