What Parents Need to Know About Snapchat

11 Jul

What Parents Need to Know About Snapchat

If you are a parent with a teen who uses a smartphone then you have to educate yourself on Snapchat. This application allows individuals to send and receive messages and photos like most applications but this one is different. With Snapchat the person sending the message can set a “self-delete” time limit on whatever is being communicated. Think back to the old day with the television series “Mission Impossible this message will self-destruct in 30 seconds” and you will have a better idea of how the messages being sent on Snapchat disappear. The problem for parents is you need to know what your kids are saying to one another and this is where software like snapchat spy can protect your kids from predators.

Reasons to Use Monitoring Software Covertly

You want to give your kids freedom to make their own decisions but there is a growing number of predators online that try to groom children for a variety of nefarious reasons. It all starts off as an innocent text and before long the person communicating with your child is asking them to send revealing images and videos under the pretense “don’t worry, I just want to see and besides the attachment will just autodelete”. The child will naively send out the message figuring it is no big deal but the person receiving it will store the image for use as blackmail.

While this may sound like a parent overreacting it is happening more often than what you may realize. There are millions of child predators online acting like young children not to mention the teenagers who are also trying to take advantage of your child. 

Paying Attention to Your Child’s Behavior

One of the clearest signs your child may be engaged in bad behavior with someone over their phone is a sudden desire to always want to be alone in their room. You will hear your child laughing at strange hours in the night. This is the predator on the other side trying to groom them. If you try to look at your child’s phone and they grab it out of your hand then that is a sign that something may be up. While there are applications you can install on your kids phone to track their Snapchat communications these children may be able to circumvent that. What you can do in a situation like this is use Snapchat Spy which does not require any installation on the device you want to monitor.

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Taking Proactive Measures

If your child is communicating with a predator your first instinct may be to go and confront your child, but that could make them want to run towards the predator. You should contact the police to inform them and at the same time reach out to counsellors who specialize in working with teens. Your child needs to realize that they are victims of a crime and that you are not angry with them. If your child feels safe and secure with you they are less likely to run away with the predator or make the same mistake but you need to support your child. Parents need to take these proactive steps if they want to keep their kids safe in the digital age.